Our award-winning formula instantly highlights and defines facial hair, making even the tiniest peach fuzz visible. No more guesswork – achieve a closer and more accurate shave.
Identify, Shave,
and Glow
Hair Identifier Spray to identify facial hair
Hair Identifier Spray
The ultimate solution that instantly defines facial hair, making even the tiniest peach fuzz visible. 
Dermaplaner facial hair razor to remove facial hair
Spray and Dermaplaner
Professional dermaplaning set not only remove peach fuzz but unvail your natural radiance.

Illuminate and Reveal Your Radiance
Our signature Facial Hair Identifier Spray to pair with professional grade dermaplaner. Gentle, nourishing, and quick – the perfect solution for facial hair removal! 
Women smiling with hair identifier spray for dermaplaning
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saw instant better visibility of facial hair
feel refreshed and cooling, no pain or burning from shaving
saw better exfoliation and more radiant and glowy skin 
Smaller pores and less acne breakout or dark spots
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"Being a natural blonde, identifying my facial hair has always been a bit tricky. The spray is a must-have for anyone who struggles like me.  The spray wraps all my hair and dead skin so it's much easier to be removed by a razor."
Susan Warren
"This Spray is a game-changer for my face shaving routine! It's like a pre-shave map for my face. It definitely creates a smoother and more precise shaving for me. Can't imagine my routine without it!"
Eleanor Pena
"The identifier spray is a go-to before I pick up the razor. It not only helps me identify facial hair but also makes the shaving process smoother. My skin feels softer, and the precision is unmatched. Highly recommended for a fuzz-free shave!"
Alice Nguyen
Before and after results of white women using the spray for dermaplaning
Before and after results of black women using the spray for dermaplaning
Before and after results of asian women using the spray for dermaplaning

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